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RussianGost|Official Regulatory Library — GOST 19360-74

Film liner-bags. General specifications

Мешки-вкладыши пленочные. Общие технические условия

Status: Effective. The limitation of the effectiveness period has been lifted: Protocol No. 4-93 of the IGU dated 10.21.93 (IUS 4-1994)

The standard applies to open film bags used as liners in shipping containers. The standard should be applied in the development of technical regulations in the field of technical regulation and standardization on liner bags for packaging specific types of products.

Стандарт распространяется на открытые пленочные мешки, используемые как вкладыши в транспортную тару. Стандарт должен применяться при разработке технических нормативных правовых актов в области технического нормирования и стандартизации на мешки-вкладыши для упаковывания конкретных видов продукции.

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Approved: State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on standards, 1/8/1974

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Evidence base (TR CU, Technical Regulation of the Customs Union) » 005/2011 TR CU. O packaging safety » Norms and standards (to TR TS 005/2011) »

ISO classifier » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.080 Bags, Bags »

National standards » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.080 Bags, Bags »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » D Vehicles and packaging » D9 Glass, woven containers and auxiliary materials » D93 Plastic and synthetic containers »

The Document References:

GOST 10354-82: Polyethylene film Specifications

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SN 245-71: Sanitary standards for the design of industrial enterprises

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST 10561-80: Cryolite artificial technical. Technical conditions

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Technical conditions

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GOST 26791-2018: Milled cereal products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 26791-89: Milled cereal products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 26907-86: Sugar. Prolonged storage conditions

GOST 27168-86: Flour for infant formula products

GOST 2820-73: Strontium nitrate. Technical conditions

GOST 28471-90: Microbiological products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 28499-90: Syrups

GOST 28538-90: QVASS wort concentrate, QVASS concentrates and extracts

GOST 28676.8-90: Seeds of vegetable, melon, fodder root and kale crops. Packing, transporting and storage

GOST 29148-97: Natural instant coffee. Specifications

GOST 29187-91: Quick-frozen fruits and berries

GOST 30357-96: Carbons cation exchangers. Specifications

GOST 30363-2013: Products egg dry and liquid food. Specification

GOST 30495-2006: Wood-protective means. General specifications

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GOST 31227-2004: Food 5,5-aqueous tri-sodium citrate. Specifications

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GOST 31686-2012: Food additives. Sodium polyphosphate E452(i). General specifications

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GOST 31905-2012: Food additives.

Calcium lactate Е327. Specifications

GOST 32007-2012: Food additives. Calcium phosphates E341. General specifications

GOST 32049-2013: Food flavourings. General specifications

GOST 32052-2013: Food additives. Lecithins E322. General specifications

GOST 32053-2013: Food additives. Potassium acetate Е261(i). Specifications

GOST 32066-2013: Sugar beet seeds. Sowing characteristics. General specifications

GOST 32099-2013: Powidlo. General specifications

GOST 32102-2013: Canned foods. Juice products. Сoncentrated fruit juices. General specifications

GOST 32159-2013: Maize starch. General specifications

GOST 32479-2013: Laundry detergents. General specifications

GOST 32521-2013: Pоlymеric sасks. General specifications

GOST 32522-2013: Polypropylene woven sacks. General specifications

GOST 32684-2014: Semimanufactures. Canned fruit puree chemical preservatives. Specifications

GOST 32738-2014: Freeze-dried beef. Specification

GOST 32739-2014: Freeze-drying meat of broiler chickens. Specification

GOST 32741-2014: Semifinished products. Fruit and vegetable fillings and podvarki. General specifications

GOST 32745-2014: Food additives. Triarylmethane colours. Specifications

GOST 32747-2014: Food additives. Glucono-delta-lactone E575. Specifications

GOST 32748-2014: Food additives. Malic acid E296. General specifications

GOST 32777-2014: Food additives. Sodium benzoate E211. Specifications

GOST 32778-2014: Food additives. Potassium benzoate E212. Specifications

GOST 32779-2014: Food additives. Sorbic acid E200. Specifications

GOST 32781-2014: Food additives. Sodium nitrite E250. Specifications

GOST 32802-2014: Food additives. Sodium carbonate E500. General specifications

GOST 32898-2014: Frozen fruit mixes and puree. General specifications

GOST 33222-2015: White sugar. Specifications

GOST 33268-2015: Food additives. Calcium benzoate E213. Specifications

GOST 33269-2015: Food additives. Fumaric acid E297. Specifications

GOST 33270-2015: Food additives. Sodium malates E350. General specifications

GOST 33314-2015: Quick-frozen potatoes. General specifications

GOST 33316-2015: Quick-frozen vegetable mixes with grains and macaroni products. General specifications

GOST 33333-2015: Food additives. Xanthan gum E415. Specifications

GOST 33380-2015: Organic fertilizers. Effluent. Specifications

GOST 3343-89: Concentrated tomato products

GOST 33567-2015: Lactose. Specifications

GOST 33648-2022: Fats for special purposes. General technical conditions

GOST 33756-2016: Plastic consumer packaging. General specifications

GOST 33764-2016: Food additives. Sodium ascorbate Е301. Specification

GOST 33765-2016: Food additives. Potassium nitrate Е252. Specification

GOST 33766-2016: Food additives. Acid adipic E355. Specification

GOST 33773-2016: Food additives. Potassium polyphosphate E452 (ii). Specification

GOST 33790-2016: Guts and bladder of beef. Specification

GOST 33791-2016: Guts and bladder of pigs. Specification

GOST 33823-2016: Quick-frozen fruits. General specifications

GOST 33830-2016: Organic fertilizers on basis of waste of stock-raising. Specifications

GOST 33837-2016: Polymeric packaging for food products. General specifications

GOST 33920-2016: Food caseinate. Specification

GOST 33956-2016: Milk albumin and pasta albumin. Specification

GOST 33958-2016: Canned milk. Whey powders. Specifications

GOST 33959-2016: Salted cheeses. Specifications

GOST 34097-2017: Food additives. Ferrous lactate E585. Specifications

GOST 34098-2017: Food additives. Sodium nitrate E251. Specifications

GOST 34102-2017: Organic fertilizers based on organogenic plant growing waste and enterprises processing crop production. Technical conditions

GOST 34107-2017: Kishki baran’i i koz’i. Tehnicheskie usloviya

GOST 34113-2017: Varen’e. Obschie tehnicheskie usloviya

GOST 34147-2017: Food supplements. Sodium-calcium polyphosphate E452 (iii). Technical conditions

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GOST 34221-2017: Seeds of medicinal and aromatic crops. Varietal and sowing characteristics. General specifications

GOST 34405-2018: Metal prefabricated cans. General specifications

GOST 34447-2018: Confitures. General specifications

GOST 34562-2019: Metal covers, easily openable. General specifications

GOST 3716-90: Green baikhovi tea in bulk

GOST 3858-73: Sauerkraut

GOST 4682-84: Barite concentrate. Specifications

GOST 5152-84: Gland Packing Specifications

GOST 6034-74: Dextrins. Specifications

GOST 6502-94: Halva

GOST 6534-89: Chocolate

GOST 6805-97: Natural roasted coffee. General specifications

GOST 6929-88: Fruit paste

GOST 7009-88: Jams

GOST 7061-88: Preserves

GOST 7180-73: Pickled cucumbers

GOST 742-78: Technical Barium Chloride. Technical conditions

GOST 7579-76: Melamine. Specifications

GOST 7697-82: Corn starch

GOST 7699-78: Potato starch

GOST 7850-2013: Caprolactam. Specifications

GOST 7850-86: Caprolactam. Specifications

GOST 830-75: Aldol-a-naphthylamine. Specifications

GOST 8703-74: Activated carbon for recuperation. Specifications

GOST 908-2004: Citric acid monohydrate for use in foodstuffs. Specifications

GOST 9087-81: Welding melted fluxes

GOST 9338-2022: Plywood drums. Technical specifications

GOST 9338-80: Plywood drums. Specifications

GOST 959-2002: Lead-acid storage starter batteries for motor-tractors. General specifications

GOST 959-91: 12 v starter lead storage batteries for vehicles, tractors and motorcycles

GOST 975-88: Crystalline dextrose hydrate. Specifications

GOST 9980.3-2014: Materials of paint and varnish and auxiliary, raw materials for paint and varnish materials. Packing

GOST R 50197-92: Bone glue. Specifications

GOST R 50847-96: Dry food concentrates of instant first and second dishes. Specifications

GOST R 51096-97: Seeds of medical and aromatic crops. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST R 51574-2000: Food common salt. Specifications

GOST R 51760-2011: Polymeric consumer’s containers. General specifications

GOST R 51850-2001: Compound feed production. Acceptance rules. Packing, transportation and storage

GOST R 51881-2002: Natural instant coffee. General specifications

GOST R 51934-2002: Fruit paste. Specifications

GOST R 51985-2002: Maize starch. General specifications

GOST R 52088-2003: Natural roasted coffee. General specifications

GOST R 52175-2003: Milk ice, ice-cream and plombir. Specifications

GOST R 52177-2003: Food flavourings. General specifications

GOST R 52185-2003: Concentrated fruit juices. Specifications

GOST R 52488-2005: Laundry detergents. General specifications

GOST R 52564-2006: Polypropylene woven sacks. General specifications

GOST R 52683-2006: Medicine remedies for veterinary use. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST R 52817-2007: Jams. General specifications

GOST R 52823-2007: Food additives. Sodium phosphates E339. General specifications

GOST R 52824-2007: Food additives. Sodium and potassium triphosphates E451. Specifications

GOST R 52903-2007: Packs made of polymeric films and composite materials. General specifications

GOST R 53026-2008: Peanuts. Specifications

GOST R 53040-2008: Food additives. Anhydrous citric acid E330. Specifications

GOST R 53069-2008: Food additives. Potassium phosphates E340. General specifications

GOST R 53083-2008: Food additives. Sodium polyphosphate E452(i). Specifications

GOST R 53098-2008: Nutrient stillage. Specifications

GOST R 53118-2008: Jams. General specifications

GOST R 53155-2008: Food egg liquid and dry products. Specifications

GOST R 53163-2008: Poultry meat of mechanical separation. Specifications

GOST R 53165-2008: Lead-acid storage starter batteries for motor-tractors. General specifications

GOST R 53215-2008: Cashew kernels. Specifications

GOST R 53216-2008: Unshelled pistachio nuts. Specifications

GOST R 53280.4-2009: Automatic fire extinguishing systems. Extinguishing medium. Part 4. Dry fire extinguishing powders. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 53280.5-2009: Automatic fire extinguishing systems. Extinguishing medium. Part 5. Special dry fire extinguishing powders. Classification, general technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 53396-2009: White sugar. Specifications

GOST R 53421-2009: Salted cheeses. Specifications

GOST R 53456-2009: Whey protein concentrate powders. Specifications

GOST R 53456-2022: Whey protein concentrates dry. Technical specifications

GOST R 53492-2009: Canned milk. Whey powders. Specifications

GOST R 53493-2009: Albumin dairy. Specifications

GOST R 53494-2009: Premix vitamin and vitamin-mineral for wheat flour. Specifications

GOST R 53495-2009: Flour for bodies nutrition. Specification

GOST R 53496-2009: Whеat and rye dietetic bran. Specification

GOST R 53509-2009: Food liquid and dry egg mixes. General specifications

GOST R 53943-2010: Food additives. Calcium lactate Е327. Specifications

GOST R 53945-2010: Food additives. Calcium phosphates E341. General specifications

GOST R 53949-2010: Technical potassic saltpeter. Specifications

GOST R 53956-2010: Quick-frozen fruits. General specifications

GOST R 53968-2010: Food additives. Potassium acetate Е261(i). Specifications

GOST R 53970-2010: Food additives. Lecithines E322. General specifications

GOST R 53972-2010: Salted and fermented vegetables. General specifications

GOST R 54044-2010: Sugar-beet seeds. Sowing characteristics. General specifications

GOST R 54319-2011: Feeding flour. Specifications

GOST R 54537-2011: Food additives. Calcium acetate Е263. Specifications

GOST R 54538-2011: Food additives. Tricalcium citrate E333(iii). Specifications

GOST R 54572-2011: Food additives. Potassium citrates E332. General specifications

GOST R 54573-2011: Food additives. Magnesium phosphates E343. General specifications

GOST R 54626-2011: Food additives. Sodium acetates Е262. General specifications

GOST R 54664-2011: Lactose. Specifications

GOST R 54676-2011: Edible fats of a bird. Specifications

GOST R 54678-2011: Concentrated tomato foods. General specifications

GOST R 54682-2011: Semi-products. Fruit and vegetable fillers. General specifications

GOST R 54683-2011: Frozen vegetables and their mixes. General specifications

GOST R 54981-2012: Food additives. Sodium propionate Е281. Specifications

GOST R 55053-2012: Food additives. Potassium carbonate Е501. General specifications

GOST R 55054-2012: Food additives. Pyrophosphates E450. General specifications

GOST R 55284-2012: Dry mixes with egg components for drinks. General specifications

GOST R 55285-2012: Food egg fermented liquid and dry products. Specification

GOST R 55419-2013: Composite material based on active rubber powder, modifying asphalt mixes. Technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 55453-2013: Feeding stuffs for non-productive animals. General specifications

GOST R 55465-2013: Frozen mushrooms. Specifications

GOST R 55579-2013: Food additives. Azo colours. Specifications

GOST R 55580-2013: Food additives. Ammonium carbonate E503. General specifications

GOST R 55581-2013: Food additives. Potassium propionate Е283. Specifications

GOST R 55582-2013: Food additives. Calcium propionate E282. Specifications

GOST R 55583-2013: Food additives. Potassium sorbate E202. Specifications

GOST R 55970-2014: Iodized food additives. General specifications

GOST R 55985-2014: Functional feeding stuffs for non-productive animals. General specifications

GOST R 56004-2014: Organic fertilizers. Vermicomposting. Specifications

GOST R 56358-2015: Active carbon АГ-2. Specifications

GOST R 56382-2015: Russian quality. Dry egg melange with improved solubility. Specifications

GOST R 56833-2015: Demineralized dairy whey. Specifications

GOST R 57107-2016: Specialized food products. Order to the detection and identification of nanomaterials in plants

GOST R 57234-2016: Microbiological products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST R 57249-2016: Enzyme preparations. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST R 57475-2017: Dried egg protein after extraction lysozyme. Specifications

GOST R 57476-2017: Bird food protein. Specifications

GOST R 57601-2017: Microbiological products. The bacterial insecticide bactoculicid. Specifications

GOST R 57658-2017: Trunk pipeline transport of oil and oil products. Activated carbon for the recovery of volatile vapor oil and oil products. Specifications

GOST R 58859-2020: Nitrite-curing mixtures for meat products. Specifications

GOST R 70295-2022: Crystalline glucose. Specifications

ITP 50-88: Instructions for the technological design of enterprises of the salt industry / stone processing and the production of vacuum-evaporated salt /

KMS 799:2005: Tea. General technical conditions

KMS 882:2013: Cottage cheese products. Technical conditions

Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems

ODM 218.2.003-2007: Recommendations for the use of polymer-bitumen binders based on SBS-type block copolymers in the construction and reconstruction of roads

OST 13-39-80: Products of cultural and community purpose, for kitchen and household use of wood and wood materials. General specification

OST 37.001.219-79: Fittings for rubber metal products. Technical requirements

PNST 355-2019: Palm oil and its fractions. General specifications

RST RSFSR 161-88: Cooper products. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 374-88: Handmade lace and lace products. General technical conditions

ST RK 1761-2008: Eviscerated and uneviscerated fast-frozen fish. General requirements

ST RK 1791-2008: Fish semi-product products. Fish sticks, cleaned fish, chopped products, bread or egg roll. General requirements

ST RK 1801-2008: Fish fillet, fish mince, fish fillet and fish mince mixtures fast-frozen. General requirements

ST RK 418-2013: Salted cheeses. Specification

STB 1427-2003: Pickled, boiled and salted mushrooms. General specifications

STB 1467-2004: Ice-cream. General specifications

STB 1858-2009: Dry milk. General specifications

STB 2219-2011: Milk whey powder. General specifications

STB 2219-2017: Dry whey. General technical conditions

STB 315-2017: Cottage cheese. General technical conditions

STB 991-95: Food concentrates. Sweet dishes. General specifications

TU 13-03-3-86: Plastic Bags for soft furniture items

VNTP 12-94K: Engineering Design Standards Facilities of the Canned Fruits and Vegetables Industry

VNTP 24-85: Departmental norms of technological design of enterprises for the production of food citric acid

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